Making Students Part of the Work Task

Posted: 21/06/2016 by broadyesl in inquiry-based instruction, pedagogy, Uncategorized

Ask kids “17 questions we should really be asking students” found at  Excerpt:

We now have all the world’s information in our pockets, and yet, we haven’t even begun to take advantage of it. So ask students what problem they want to solve and then challenge them to dive deeper into understanding it by asking:

  • What knowledge, skills and abilities do you need to solve that problem?
  • Who is focused on that problem and what are they doing?
  • What classes can you take? Online? Offline?
  • Who can you collaborate with?
  • What research is out there?
  • What publications, newsletters and communities should you subscribe to?
  • What books should you read? What videos and documentaries should you watch?
  • Who should you follow and pay attention to? On Twitter? On LinkedIn?
  • What blogs and perspectives should you read?
  • Which university is the expert on this problem? What are they doing? How can you contribute to resolving that problem today?

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