Great for Lesson Planning: Digital Storytelling

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Find resources in “12 Tools and Apps for Creating Digital Storybooks” at


Storybook Creation Websites

  • Little Bird Tales – features include drawing online, adding a voice narration, and adding images to accompany written stories.
  • Storybird– create stories and choose artwork from artists to create a digital book.
  • Toondoo–  choose characters and backgrounds to visualize stories.
  • Picture Book Maker– create a children’s picture book by choosing characters and props and creating the text. You have to register with an email address to use this free web tool.
  • BoomWriter– have your class create a collaborative story. Features include peer editing and chapter voting.
  • Zooburst– 3D pop up story creator with cute characters or students can upload their own images.
  • Story Jumper– similar to ToonDoo’s layout where students choose characters and backgrounds to visualize their stories.
  • My Story Book– create a digital story with characters, images, and drawings.
  • Pinky Dinky Doo– children pick what kind of story to create (silly, fairytale, mystery, scary, or outer space) then they fill in gaps in a story that has characters and a plot line.
  • Bookr/Pimpampum– create a storybook with Flickr photos.

Storybook Creation Apps

  • Book Creator (iOS and Android app)- a great app where students can add images, video, and audio to create books.
  • StoryKit (iOS app)– create a digital storybook by drawing on the screen, uploading images, voice recording, and drawing. Students email a link to the story. The application includes four public domain children’s books to rewrite and rearrange into a new story.
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