Professors: Rubrics Make Sense!

Posted: 21/03/2016 by broadyesl in assessment, professors, Uncategorized

Rubrics are great in so many ways.  They explicitly spell out expectations so that all members of a group share the same framework.  Rubrics are also useful for teachers and students to avoid unpleasant discussions about a given grade.  Read “Using Rubrics as a Defense Against Grade Appeals” to learn more.–D-fkj4yT_zgiPm59aXnTf2FnX7Hji5EgaJWIKUe4IOJttu_kMKuxBS6HzjrqSBrAi4qkjWZzBmIXaFNmO9GzHWjRjCdGlJtrrZj-O2M9IH3zPx7g&_hsmi=27495232


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