An In-Depth Look Into the Nature of Meetings

Posted: 29/02/2016 by broadyesl in leadership, Uncategorized

Why do we have them and what do they achieve?  Are there alternatives?  Read “Meet Is Murder”at to an insightful reflection.  A short excerpt:

The French Revolutionary in me balked. I wanted to snap back: It sounds as if Managers are people who aren’t allowed big chunks of time to do their work — whose work isn’t considered important and manly enough to be given room to breathe. And then maybe it’s the Makers who are everyone else. In a thoroughly wired universe, the coveted commodity is freedom from the nets upon nets that catch, connect and entangle us. So no wonder it’s only the privileged few who get that freedom.

Of course, liberation from ‘‘connection’’ is a fantasy that predates Wi-Fi. What’s so bad about meetings, after all? At bottom, they are nothing but time with your fellows. Which suggests that hating meetings might be akin to hating traffic, families or parties — just another way to express our deep ambivalence about that hard fact of existence: other people.


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