Why Leaders Should Be Interested in Team Politics

Posted: 06/02/2016 by broadyesl in Uncategorized

Turning away from team politics can have grave consequences for leaders.  What can a leader do and why?  Find some reflections in “Why You Cannot Afford to Ignore Office Politics”  at http://management.about.com/od/managementcareers/fl/Why-You-Cannot-Afford-to-Ignore-Office-Politics.htm

A short excerpt

6 Valuable Lessons on Workplace Politics:

1. You don’t have to play dirty, but you have to play

2. Someone always wants what you have or disagrees with what you are doing.

3.Strive to understand the political landscape

4. You have to give to get

5. Today’s team members are tomorrow’s allies

6. Sun Tzu was right—keep your friends close and your enemies closer

The Bottom-Line for Now:

Too many people shy away from the issues of politics and power in the workplace. “I don’t want to play the games,” is a common refrain I hear. I’m not asking you to play dirty; however, I am encouraging you to take into account the realities of human interaction in groups and play. Fail to read the political signs in your organization and I guarantee you’ll get lost.


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