Leadership: 15 Body Language Secrets of Successful People

Posted: 23/08/2015 by broadyesl in leadership

Read the entire piece to learn the reasons for problems associated with the following body language messages:

1. Slouching

2. Exaggerated gestures

3. Watching the clock while talking to someone

4. Turning yourself away from others

5. Crossed arms

6. Inconsistency between your words and your facial expression

7. Exaggerated nodding

8. Fidgeting with or fixing your hair

9. Avoiding eye contact

10. Eye contact that’s too intense

11. Rolling your eyes i

12. Scowling or having a generally unhappy expression

13. Weak handshakes

14. Clenched fists

15. Getting too close

See more at: http://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/15-body-language-secrets-of-successful-people-fiff/#sthash.qMzhB5bA.dpuf

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