Educational Technology: Hot Summer Readings

Posted: 31/07/2015 by broadyesl in educational technology

From one of my favorite publisher of educational technoklogy topics:

View the most popular stories on Education Week
1. This Week in Teacher Humor: Common Core and Stupid Questions
2. Why Ed Tech Is Not Transforming How Teachers Teach
3. 10 Critical Issues Facing Education
4. This Online Game Shows the Hard Choices Teachers Face Every Day
5. How Teachers Can Recharge This Summer
6. 3 Reasons Why Your Observations May Be a Waste of Time
7. New Read-Aloud Strategies Transform Story Time
8. New Studies Find That, for Teachers, Experience Really Does Matter
9. 3 Things You Can Do This Summer to Be a Better Teacher in the Fall
10. Are Test Scores Proving Fears About Common-Core High School Math Correct?
11. Hurdles in Pairing General, Special Education Teachers
12. Under Common Core, Students Learn Words by Learning About the World

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