Why Apple Warranties for Phones are Worth The Money

Posted: 08/06/2015 by broadyesl in apple products, wearable devices

A few years ago, I purchased an iPhone 5S along with a warranty at the local Apple store.  The warranty was pricey for about $100 Dollars. However, as a user who had a water-trip disable my phone even with the most careful handling and a Lifeproof case and another phone burst when it slipped out of my lap on the ground (with a Lifeproof case), I wanted to have some sense of protection.

Yesterday, my iPhone 5 quit working and gave me the error message 2001 and Error #9 during the rebooting process.  I was unable to get it back to work and went to the Apple store for see on of the Geniuses there.  I was informed that the phone had some unknown error and that Apple would replace the phone to me.  I also verified the following:

-Apple will replace phones that have technical problems forever

-Apple will replace phones twice for issues caused by me

Since the issue was not caused by me, I still have 2 replacement options for defects caused by me.  Phew, I feel a lot better…

Last, I also purchased an iPhone 6Plus and a Galaxy phone a while back at a T-Mobile Store and got them with warranties.  So far, so good.  No issues with them.  I will let you know how the T-Mobile warranties compare to the one from the Apple Geniuses…

Be safe!

Stay safe


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