Obama’s higher ed plan, first thoughts

Posted: 22/08/2013 by broadyesl in Uncategorized

Interesting reflections!

Bryan Alexander

President Obama unveiled his higher education plan this morning at the University of Buffalo.  It’s an important document, and in this post I’ll offer some initial reflections.

Obama before the crowd.  Photo by Mark Green.

One key structure links student performance at an institution to the provision of financial aid.  This involves a few moving parts:

  • creating a new college and university ratings system;
  • rewarding and punishing campuses with varying levels of federal financial aid;
  • coaxing (“challeng[ing]”) states to do the same with their support to public institutions.

College and universities which enroll high numbers of lower-income students, as measured by the number of Pell Grant holders, will receive a financial bonus.  The government will tie continued individual aid to academic performance (“encourag[ing] students to complete their studies on time”.  And the plan also proposes to cap student loan collection at 10% of the holder’s earnings.

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