How to Gain Parent Buy-In for Classroom Technology Integration

Posted: 19/12/2012 by broadyesl in Uncategorized
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read the entire piece at this link

This relevant discussion is organized around the following topics:

  • Start Early
  • Emphasize Skills
  • Keep Up the Communication
  • Be Transparent
  • Enlist the Aid of Your Administrators
  • Provide a Lot of Time in Class
  • Don’t Grade “the Tech”
  • Follow Up with Parents


  1. Thanks for reading! I hope to hear your thoughts on the article.

    • broadyesl says:


      I read your posting with interest. Honestly, in most cases, it is parents who are frustrated about a lack of teacher use of technology and not the opposite! So, your article puts a new spin on things.

      I love how you develop a framework of sorts for flipping your classroom (somewhat). Of course, I would always lobby for school-wide actions with a broader implementation for technology.

      So, if you are the tech-girl, why not try to get other teachers on board and see if you can “flip the school”? It is time to prepare kids for 21st century skills and workplaces and schools, teachers, and administrators need to get on board to provide an environment that will not create obstacles to learning to digitally wise students.

      So, maybe everyone in your school (besides you) needs to study the ISTE standards for teachers and administrators and discuss how the school meets them…

      I applaud you for just starting to change things and for sharing your ideas with other teachers who may be in the same situation. Way to go!

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